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Welcome to Peltapedia, the wiki dedicated to exploring people and media outlets shaping our discourse today. Founded and administrated by Mark Pelta. Feel free to search for what you're looking for, or use Category:Table_of_Contents to browse all the pages we've started so far. Only minimal work has been done so far, and I am currently working on other projects, but I hope to begin major expansion of this wiki in the future.

About UsEdit

This wiki is loosely modeled off of RationalWiki. Both attempt to bring a skeptical and generally liberal perspective to issues. However, we differ insofar as RationalWiki has more breadth, while we aspire for more depth. RationalWiki skeptically examines all sorts of subjects -- from psychics to politics -- in mostly pithy articles; our focus is solely on understanding the views of major personalities involved in political and social discourse through in-depth examinations, and while we also hope not to take ourselves too seriously, humor is auxiliary to our purpose.

Because we are coming from a nuanced perspective, judgments as to what sort of edits should be considered proper for this sort of wiki are extremely subjective. I reserve the right to delete any edits and promote/demote/block users as I see fit.

Latest activityEdit

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